Build Your Own Insurance Agency


Most businesses

pull couples apart

It takes 3 things for a couple to build a profitable business that keeps them together: a stable industry, a simple strategy that is proven to work, and award-winning support that helps every step of the way. 


It’s not enough to be an entrepreneur. You need to be in the RIGHT industry with someone who can show you the exact steps to follow as partners in business.


The truth is most businesses that couples start fail. And the ones that do succeed, usually pull couples apart. What’s the point of making more money if you never see each other or your kids?!?

“Build Your Own Insurance Agency”

is different

We support our business owners. We do business in one of the most stable & profitable industries. We teach easy-to-understand strategy, and we’re without a doubt the most supportive company for young couples in business.


There’s a reason Fortune.com named us one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation. We’ve helped 7,877 life insurance agents get into the business, and they’re excited to be helping over 102,150 families.


But here’s the truth: We’re not for all couples. There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t work with us. 

3 Reasons Why You Should

NOT Work With Us…


Don't work with us if you want to "make a fortune" fast

We can make starting and building a profitable insurance agency very simple, but real financial freedom is earned with real hard work. Period. If you expect someone else to put in the blood, sweat, and tears for you, we can’t help you. You have to be ready to roll up your sleeves and get dirty.

We can make entrepreneurship simple. We can give you the exact steps to follow that have worked for hundreds of couples. And although we go “above and beyond” to give you everything you need, you also need to be SELF-MOTIVATED.

All of the couples we mention in our training and on our site are remarkable business-minded couples. They each came to us coachable, ambitious, and determined. Every single one of them followed the system we gave them. They kept going when they faced obstacles and self-doubt.

They have 100% earned their own success, and by no means became financially free effortlessly or overnight. That’s the truth.


Don't work with us unless you're a highly motivated couple who wants a professional business

One main reason so many of our couples become thriving agency owners is because we teach them how to master the financial industry, without going back to school. For example, a couple who runs a small agency of 10 licensed agents can make around $30,000 per month or 360,000 per year.

To earn that much a year, you must learn about life insurance and one of you must get licensed (with our help, this can be done in less than a month.)

We can only help highly motivated couples. So for example, you might be a real estate agent. A broker. A tax professional. An accountant. A business student. A sales professional.

So basically if you’re happy making $20 an hour, or you’re constantly spamming your friends and family to buy $40 shakes or vitamins, no hard feelings, but we’re not a good fit for you.


Don't work with us if you are not 100% dedicated to helping multi-cultural families

We have created our entire business and marketing system with one thing in mind: To change the culture and diversity of the financial industry by personally helping our friends and family get protected and take back control of their finances.

We protect our agents and want them to do the same for their friends and family.

Because here’s the truth: financial freedom and wealth will come to those who genuinely go out of their way and help OTHERS. If you aren’t willing to visiting families in the comfort of their homes to talk about their financial priorities, we’re simply not for you.

That basically sums it up.

So now I’ll let you in on who we DO work with….

Who We Help…

Leaders. Real estate agents. Brokers. Business owners. Tax professionals. Accountants. Business students. Bankers. Sales professionals. If you’re a highly motivated couple who is passionate about business and helping friends and family, we can help you build your own profitable insurance agency… without going back to school or investing a fortune to get started.

You have to be ambitious, coachable, and determined.

You have to be completely obsessed with building a 6-figure insurance agency and helping others feel protected and confident about their futures.

If that sound like you and your partner, then click below and take a look at our most recent training where we reveal the exact systems we use to help our couples create a highly profitable insurance agency that they love. 

Cheering You On Always,

Cristina & Omar

And the #1 PHP TEAM 

What 1% Of Entrepreneur Couples Know That You Don’t



What 1% Of Entrepreneur Couples Know That You Don’t


See Success Stories

All of these couples are remarkable. They worked extremely hard. If you want to get results like theirs, you have to do the same.

Our 90-Day Insurance Agency Program helps couples become licensed and appointed through PHP Agency, Inc.

Disclaimer: Business is hard. All results vary and there are not guarantees of income. If you want to make money fast or easy this is not for you.